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Marcos Walfisch specializes in sustainable, conscious and traditional gastronomy. In his dishes, he uses food from his own gardens and typical products from the region he lives in to help local producers and take care of natural ecosystems. Learn more about his story, how he thinks and fall in love with his dishes.

Bees and humans, one and the same destiny.

Bees and humans have shared an intertwined destiny throughout history. Considered sacred by ancient civilizations, such as the Mayans, they have been revered as guardians of cosmic balance.

International Mother Earth Day

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Where to Eat

In charming Puerto Morelos, Chef Marcos Walfisch stands as a culinary leader committed to sustainable gastronomy and Mexican tradition. His distinguished role as executive chef at "Unico Beach", and at the helm of the restaurant "Fuegos de Xul-Ha" on La Ruta de Los Cenotes, highlights his influence on the local dining scene.

With a cuisine characterized by creativity, authenticity and sensitivity, Chef Walfisch fuses flavors collected during his travels throughout Latin America. Inspired both by the freshness of the raw materials and the environment in which he works. His philosophy, summed up in the expression “Close to Nature, close to home”., is manifested in the intimate connection with the natural production of food and the ancestral cooking of fire.

Chef Marcos is a passionate advocate of local and sustainable cuisine. Feeding his creativity with produce from his own gardens and supporting local producers, he contributes to the preservation of the Mexican culinary tradition and promotes environmentally friendly practices.

Chef Walfisch not only offers a delicious dining experience, but invites each diner to participate in building a more authentic and sustainable culinary future.

What to Do

This beach club, located on white sands and overlooking the turquoise sea, is the typical postcard of the Caribbean. It is surrounded by palm trees, crystal clear waters, and an unbeatable view, protected by the second largest reef in the world, and in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Unico Beach offers a relaxed atmosphere and all the services to spend your days at the beach, ideal for a day with family or friends, where you can enjoy good music, delicious drinks and excellent food with a varied and tasty menu of Caribbean style ceviches, fresh and natural salads, stuffed avocados and abundant sandwiches.

Here you can enjoy an excellent day at the beach, as a couple, with friends or family. They offer lounge chairs, palapas and towels for rent. For your comfort in their facilities you will find bathrooms, dressing rooms and showers.

If the day is windy, or if you just want to relax and read a book on a lounge chair while the kids play, a pool area with lounge chairs is available to make your Unico Beach experience complete.

They have a massage area where you can relax and regain vitality through various therapies. Unico Beach adds music to the atmosphere with local bands and artists, from Friday to Sunday, so you can spend an incredible day under the sun.

Where to Eat

Fuegos de Xul-Ha is more than a restaurant, it is a sensory experience. 

If you come attentively, from the moment you enter the route of the Cenotes there are 22.5 kilometers of jungle road where you can observe a fabulous flora and fauna. When you enter Xul-Ha Eco Habitat, you get that feeling of freedom in the open air and connection with nature.

In this restaurant, every detail is carefully thought out. The kitchen is exclusively wood-fired, using traditional methods such as grills, earth ovens (called pib), clay ovens and cages, to create healthy, rustic food, full of smoked and tanned aromas and flavors. Chef Walfisch, an expert in sustainable, conscious and traditional Mexican gastronomy, leads this concept of signature cuisine.

You can take a stroll through their garden and pick your own flowers and sprouts to decorate your dishes, come and talk to the chefs, as they work in full view of all diners. The essence of the dishes lies in the use of fresh seasonal products, offering an immense variety of flavors and presentations.

The offer at Fuegos de Xul-Ha is not only defined by its type of food, but also by its wild environment. Breathing the fresh jungle air becomes an integral part of the experience, creating a unique ambiance that complements Chef Walfisch's delicious gastronomic offerings.

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