The hidden world of the cenotes

Cenote is a word that is only used in Mexico, it comes from the Mayan word “dzonot” that means  “abyss”.

They are fantastic water deposits and caverns that were flooded during the last ice age created by the soft and porous limestone erosion. Besides being time capsules where you can see incredible calcareous formations, as stalactites and stalagmites, they are the main source of fresh water in the area, because there aren’t any rivers on the surface, all the water comes from the underground. That is why it is important to care for them and preserve them.

In the Mayan world, they were fountains of life that provided the vital liquid, in addition of being an entrance to the wonders of the underworld and the center of communion with the gods. 

In Puerto Morelos you can enjoy this unique experience, the beauty inside them, their clear waters and the scenes offered by the rocky formations created along millions of years are invaluable. In the inside, you will be able to appreciate processions of geological shapes of astounding beauty, as well as the roots of large trees that come down from firm land to touch the water in the deepness of the cave. 

In these sinkholes, you can feel the infinite power of calmness, peace, and quiet. If you snorkel, you’ll be able to float over great abysses, and if you scuba dive deep inside you will be transported to a world of mystery.

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