General Terms and Conditions


ILovePM is an internet site operated by the Mexican company COMPAÑÍA PRODUCTORA DE ACCIONES, S.A. DE C.V. domiciled in  Montes Urales MZA. 05 Lote 02 No. 278 Casa 03, Fraccionamiento Bosque Real, CP 77710. Playa del Carmen, Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, México.  When using ILovePM services and make a booking or purchase, means you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions described below:

1. General Information

ILovePM provides and internet platform where tourist service suppliers register their fees and availability so the users can make inquiries and get information, choose what is best for them, and make reservations. With this act, a contractual relation is established between the user and the selected tourist service supplier.  It is understood that ILovePM is only an intermediary between the user and the tourist supplier, the confirmation ILovePM sends via email is on behalf of the reserved establishment.  Each tourist service supplier has access to and extranet through which they make themselves responsible for updating their fees and availability.  In ILovePM we can’t guarantee that this information is accurate, complete, or correct.  Tourist service suppliers are responsible for the accurateness of their information, fees, and images displayed at every moment.

2. Fees and Payments

ILovePM service is free: we don’t charge or add anything to the price of the services;  your credit card information is required, and needed only to guarantee reservations, and in certain cases, as buying products online, the charge can be made in advance through a transfer or credit card payment.

3. Cancellations

Each service supplier has its own cancellation policies.  The fact of making a reservation means that you know and accept the cancellation policies and charges made for no show.   Some fees and special offers do not allow changes or cancellations (marked as “non refundable”).

4. Waiver of Responsibility

ILovePM y/o Compañía Productora de Acciones S. A. de C. V. will take responsibility only for direct damages you suffer or incur because of failure or mistakes attributable to our service obligations, matching a maximum amount of the cost of your reservation.   In addition, and as long as it is allowed by Mexican laws, we will not take responsibility for claims, costs, or expenses for loss, or damage due to personal or third party wounds, accidents or deaths, diseases, theft, strikes, transportation delays, weather conditions, property damage or any other act that is out of our control.   This Terms and Conditions and ILovePM provision of services, will be ruled and interpreted by the existing laws in Mexico City, surrendering any other jurisdiction that may apply.