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Puerto Morelos is a paradise located just 15 minutes away from Cancun International Airport, it is labeled Pueblo con Encanto (Enchanting Town) with such a wide natural wealth that will surprise and amaze you.

The most expected cinematographic event will come to Puerto Morelos’ beaches The already traditional International Film Exhibition celebrated its 65th edition with the great masters of the seventh art and with films that have been awarded in the most important festivals in the world.  In the fall edition, the Exhibition reaffirmed its commitment to moviegoers in […]

Puerto Morelos is the ideal destination in the Riviera Maya to say goodbye to what is left of this year, and to await with cheer the arrival of the new one.  Just a few days from the beginning of 2019, ILovePm invites you to discover the reasons to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Puerto Morelos. […]

Corals are invertebrate animals classified as Cnidaria, and are relatives of the jellyfish and the anemones.  There are many kinds of corals, but we can classify them into two big groups:  soft corals and hard corals. The Acropora palmata, also known as Elkhorn coral, is a especies of hard coral found among the main reef-building coral in […]

Puerto Morelos is the perfect scenery to say “I do” and start a new cycle in couples’ lives. A place with charm that offers endless possibilities for this exciting event, be it on the beach, enjoying the sand, sea breeze and sound of the waves, or in the jungle, in touch with nature and the romanticism […]

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