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Zapote Eco Park

This ecopark belongs to a family from the Yucatan peninsula that came to these lands back in the age of the gum, and they were so in love with nature that they decided to stay.

The name of this park comes from the presence of a great amount of zapote trees, which gave birth to the chiclero camps in the area, and that, in addition to growing in the tropical jungle of southeast Mexico, is a live tradition in the Mayan culture. 

There are 3 beautiful cenotes in the park, each with a special beauty and zip lines to go around the jungle over the treetops.

The first cenote, named Zapote, is a wonder of Mother Nature. You can appreciate its beauty in its crystal clear waters, surrounded by exuberant tropical vegetation, you can listen to the birds singing, and all these with a history that goes back to the Ice age.  A witness to the area’s history, culture and mysteries, this cenote has a 118 ft diameter, and a depth of 206 ft;  if you go deep diving, at a depth of 98 ft, you can see “the bells of hell”,  aquatic formations unique  in the world.  This formations get their name from the Mayan cosmic vision of the underworld. 

Furthermore, the untouched and preserved bones of a sloth from the last ice age, dating back ten thousand years, were found in that same cenote.

There are 33 and 46 ft high decks where you can jump from and then swim with small blind fish that are found at a lower depth. 

383 yards away from cenote Zapote you will find cenote Palmas, a fresh and clear water lagoon with warm temperature.  It has an elevated platform to jump in the water and do some snorkeling, and a zip line located 33 ft high and that runs along 98 ft over the water.  It is really worth admiring the exotic flora while enjoying the peace and quiet of the jungle.    

There are several accesses at different points, all of them inviting you to go along the Mayan paths or “Sac be” surrounded by nature. 

As you leave the park, just a few miles away, you will find the third cenote called El Abuelo Che Che, that is part of this cenote circuit.  El Abuelo Che Che is a semi open cavern with magnificent underwater views.  The water is very clear and ideal for snorkeling and diving.  There are some impressive stalactites as well as stalagmites of unique beauty.  

Mayan traditions are kept in the park, so, there is a Mayan ritual that is done before jumping in the cenotes, this is done to ask nature for permission to immerse in them. 

There are also some events that take place on special dates, such as the Xanal Pixan,  the ceremony of the Mayan solstice, and the sacred ceremony of the Mayan fire among others.  Mayan weddings are also celebrated here. 

There are other things you can do in the park, like a bike tour, or a zip line tour that takes you over the treetops and lets you ride 547 yards in the jungle going through 4 stations.  

In addition, if you bring your tent, this park allows you to camp there. 

Services: showers and bathrooms, lockers, hammocks, parking, souvenir store with handcrafts made by Mayan communities, and life jackets. 

In the Chechen package (all included) you can have a bilingual guide and free Yucateco snacks.  

Cash and credit card accepted. 

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