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In Puerto Morelos, there are many sandy strips that are great for sunbathing and enjoying the sea; due to the fact that they are protected by the reef they have almost no waves, and very little erosion.

The coastal area, which belongs to the Marine Park, offers public beach access from the main square, and from each street that crosses east to west, which allows for a well deserved rest in its quiet and beautiful beaches.

Because Puerto Morelos has a shallow coral reef and peaceful waters, you can go snorkeling and see a great variety of tropical fish in their natural habitat. The reef has a large diversity of marine fauna; it is such an attractive area that you can find turtles, starfish, rays, lobsters, angel fish, barracudas, and nurse sharks, just to mention a few.

You can see the flora of the place as soon as you plunge into the water; the magical surroundings lighten up with bright colors, yellow and red corals, green seaweed, and multicolored fish which won’t cease to amaze you.

Snorkeling is one of the most attractive and enjoyable activities for both locals and tourists. Alone, or with family and/or friends, this is a fun, healthy and entertaining activity where you will exercise your muscles.  

For those who dive, the reef barrier offers a rich marine life, making Puerto Morelos a diving paradise where you’ll be able to enjoy and behold different kinds of organisms in the deep reefs as well as in a sunken boat.

For those who haven’t had the chance to dive yet, this is a great place to dare and live this marvelous sensation of being a few feet underwater surrounded by marine nature. 

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