10 Actions to reduce White Syndrome in reefs

White Syndrome is a disease that leaves  injuries in  corals, these are produced by pathogenic microorganisms resulting in coral tissue loss, leaving the coral skeleton exposed.

This disease has begun to increase in the Mexican Caribbean over the last six months, considered as an emerging disease, it reminds us that health in corals is completely related to the quality of water and some other causes of stress, such as: bad tourism practices, the logging of  mangroves, massive amounts of sargassum, and not enforcing environmental laws, among others.

The consequences of having this disease in our reef can be seen reflected in the disappearing of species that put marine diversity at risk, in the decreasing of coastal protection against hurricanes (coral reefs are the first defense line for communities that live on the coast), and in the production of sand to form the beach.

In ILovePM we are convinced that actions should start in each one of us, no matter where we are: at home, on vacation, at work, making ourselves responsible of our environmental footprints.
This is why we present some advice to help reduce stress factors that make the reef vulnerable, and that will help protect and preserve our reefs, fish, and many other plants and animals that depend on them for survival.

1. Preserve water:  the less water you use, the less pollution that goes into the ocean.

2. Help reduce pollution: walk, ride a bike, or for longer distances use public transport.
Emissions generated by automobiles contribute to the warming of oceans, which is the main cause of the fast bleaching of coral reefs.

3. Organize trash properly: any material that goes into a body of water, be it cenotes, rivers, lagoons, will make it to the ocean.
Remember:  Do not leave anything on the beach, everything that comes with you, goes with you. 

4. Support businesses that support reef conservation:  in Puerto Morelos you can go to the Reef National Park of Puerto Morelos, and contact  the Guardianes Del Arrecife (Reef guardians), an innovating initiative that gives first aid to damage corals and make efforts to preserve our coastal environments.

5. If you are going to venture in this Enchanting Town on your vacation:  look for businesses that are truly responsible regarding the environment.

6. Practice water sports with responsibility:  do not touch anything under water, just observe and enjoy.  Do not take anything from the ocean that is not trash.

7. If you are going in the water wearing sun protection, make sure to ONLY use biodegradable, and environment friendly products.

8. Take part in beach and mangroves cleanings:   join in and take part of this activity if you are on vacation in town when it takes place.

9. Use biodegradable and organic product in your daily life, for personal hygiene and house cleaning.  Everything that goes down the drain in the shower ends up in a body of water and will later make it to the ocean.

10. Use organic fertilizers at home:  even if you leave far from these ecosystems, chemical products always end up in the ocean and pollute it.

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